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Booking Matrimonial Classified Advertisement in Amar Ujala Newspaper

When you have to place a “Groom Wanted” or “Bride Wanted” ad in a Hindi newspaper, the Hindi-language broadsheet daily newspaper Amar Ujala will meet your requirements with ease. Having a daily circulation of 25 lakh, its 18 editions cover 167 districts in seven states with a readership of over 55 lakh. The choice is […]

Matrimonial Ads in Hindustan Times Newspaper through the Help of Myadvtcorner

Marriage is not just about two people coming together and spending rest of their lives with each other. Rather, it is more about cementing the relationship with love, trust and respect for one another. Though, with the changing times newer concepts of relationships have emerged with many people splitting up after tying the knot on […]

Are you contemplating Marriage? If Yes, Then Find A Soul-Mate via Amar Ujala

If you are married and your life is full of joy, happiness, fulfilment and contentment despite all odds that life throws at you consider yourself amongst the lucky and blessed. A happy married life is a utopic situation that cannot be completely achieved. However, there are many couples who strive for happiness and succeed to […]

Find the Right Match with an Advertisement in Mid-day Newspaper

  Throughout evolution, finding a lifelong match has been the objective of all living beings. For humans, this has taken the form of matrimonial ties. Over time, all sorts of means have been used to bring two people together to unite as one. With the advent of newspapers across the globe, ads have been placed […]

Book Matrimonial Ads in Eenadu, the Ultimate Manual of the Telegu Community via Myadvtcorner

As they say ”Never marry the one you can live with, marry the one you can’t live without. So, if you too are in search of that one special person without whom you cannot live, then we will help you in your endeavour. If you are a partner seeker from the Southern part of the […]

Instantly book your Classified Matrimonial ads in a newspaper

Myadvtcorner has become a leader among India’s online newspaper ad booking services. A big reason is the importance given to simplifying matters for advertisers. With this objective, a special page has been dedicated to classified ads. Through this page, matrimonial newspaper advertisements can be directly booked in the preferred newspaper — e.g. Times of India […]

Matrimonial classified ads expand choice massively

In today’s fast-moving environment, marriages can no longer be said to be made in heaven. More likely, they are made through a multitude of choices thrown up by a simple ad in a newspaper’s classified pages. This is a device used by the parents of eligible young women and men for matching spouses, something that […]

Match your Matrimonial Ad needs through The Tribune Matrimonial Ads

Born in another country (in Lahore now in Pakistan) and another century (launched on February 2, 1881), The Tribune newspaper today has achieved recognition as one of North India’s most reputable newspapers. It is published from Chandigarh, New Delhi, Jalandhar, Dehradun and Bathinda. According to the Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABS), for the period June-January […]