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Publish Change of Name Advertisement in Dainik Jagran Newspaper

All the married females will relate to this custom of changing name or surname. Many of the women folk rechristen self after tying the knot and take on a new identity by adding their spouse’s surname to their initial name. Consequently, the printed journals are flooded with such requests throughout the year. The reason for […]

How to change your name in India legally

  One can wish to change one’s name for any reason – like on an astrologer’s advice, to join films (like Yusuf Khan became Dilip Kumar), changing one’s religion, simply changing the spelling as a matter of preference (from, say, Ranveer to Runbir) or, more commonly, for a traditionally married girl to adopt her husband’s […]

Carry out Change of Name Ads online

Name change advertisements in newspapers are among the most popular categories of classified ads in newspapers. Almost every day, most newspapers carry name change advertisements. This is more so because they are a legal requirement and not so much because they are to promote something for gain. Therefore, even choosing a low-profile newspaper with the […]

Advertising Change of Name in Newspapers

  One of the most commonly published categories of ads published in all newspapers is the change of name category. It need not be costly because such an advertisement is more of a legal formality than a promotional effort.   What is important in name change advertisement booking? All change of name ads in newspapers must […]