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How to Place Change of Name Ads in Newspapers

A person’s known name is officially changed under various circumstances – a lady getting married, change of religion, assuming a name (to become a film star or writer), discovery of an old document with a different spelling and the like. The only recognised procedure is to announce it through a newspaper advertisement – to be […]

Change of Name Ad template samples to book Name change ads in Indian Newspapers through MyAdvtCorner.com

MyAdvtCorner.Com provides samples by which you can directly book a Change of Name classified ad in your selected Indian newspaper, online. Change of Name sample ads: I, Shilpi Nair wife of Amar Nair (Amar Kumar Nair) Resident of E-202, Rising Heights, Chandigarh have changed my name to Shilpi Amar Nair for all future purposes. I, […]