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The Quickest Way to make the Toughest of all Announcements, Death Notice

When you meet with the tragic event of life wherein any of your loved one departs from this world, you find it extremely inconvenient and emotionally challenging to inform the sad news to all. To make your task easier, we have come up with online ad booking services so that you can put your ad […]

Newspaper Advertisement Booking in Bhopal for your Advantage

Bhopal, the modern capital of Madhya Pradesh is known as the City of Lakes being one of India’s greenest cities. But its history goes back to the 11th century when its ruler Raja Bhoj called it Bhojpal. In the 18th century, Dost Mohammad brought it into the limelight when he also conquered the neighbouring Gond […]

Advertise in Bangalore via Myadvtcorner

Bangalore; rechristened as Bengaluru is a metropolitan city that has people pouring in from all parts of the country. The Megapolis is a famous MNC hub with major corporate houses headquartered throughout the city. As a result of the cosmopolitan aggregation, the city witnesses the popularity of major national and regional newspapers. Thus, every printed […]

Come and Advertise in the City of Hyderabad via Myadvtcorner

The city founded by Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah, known as the city of pearls, is presently the common capital of the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Yes! We are talking about the city of Hyderabad that proudly boasts of the Charminar and the other magnificent Mughal architecture and palaces. Book Newspaper Classified & Display […]

Publish Public Notice Advertisement in Newspaper with Hassle-Free Service via Myadvtcorner

  With the advent of electronic media the information dissemination has become fast and easy. However, the role of print media in evoking public opinion and spreading information still holds a pivotal role. Government as well as private institutions still find a Public Notice classified advertisement booking in a newspaper more suitable. The reason for […]

Wedding Arrangements Advertisement in Newspaper of India

Wedding arrangers need to catch the rising wedding boom to take their business forward. This is very possible through ads in newspapers classified columns of Myadvtcorner to reach high-profile broadsheet newspapers like from The Times of India and Hindustan Times. Similar dailies are available in all languages across the country. Everywhere, there is a rising […]

Business Ads in Newspapers build Business

Since the advent of the Internet, there has been some concern in the advertising industry about the standard of newspaper advertising taking an irreversible slump over the last few years. Aside from an economic slow-down and reduced consumer spending, the changing market dynamics might have affected the revenues of newspaper advertising. This is more likely […]

Why is TOI Mumbai’s most preferred newspaper for advertising?

Since its first appearance on 3 November 1838 as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce, the English broadsheet daily newspaper has been grabbing advertisers’ attention, more so since it changed its name to The Times of India in 1861. The fight of the then editor, Robert Knight (1825–1892), for a free press without restraint […]