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Newspaper Advertisement Booking in Bhopal for your Advantage

Bhopal, the modern capital of Madhya Pradesh is known as the City of Lakes being one of India’s greenest cities. But its history goes back to the 11th century when its ruler Raja Bhoj called it Bhojpal. In the 18th century, Dost Mohammad brought it into the limelight when he also conquered the neighbouring Gond […]

Build your business by advertising online through MyAdvtcorner

  Advertising is the powerful tool of marketing without which a business cannot grow. Advertising can be done through a variety of media – print (newspapers, magazines, leaflets etc.), electronic (TV, radio, internet and social media) and outdoor (hoardings, banners and the like). Out of all of these, the time-tested medium of newspapers still remains […]

Book Bride Wanted Ads in Newspapers Instantly Online!

Almost all over India, the institution of marriage is considered sacred regardless of the rising general trend among youngsters to marry out of personal choice. Most families still follow the tradition of arranged marriages. Such marriage alliances are often fixed through relatives, friends and associates who approach parents of prospective brides or grooms with eligible matches. […]

Advertising Change of Name in Newspapers

  One of the most commonly published categories of ads published in all newspapers is the change of name category. It need not be costly because such an advertisement is more of a legal formality than a promotional effort.   What is important in name change advertisement booking? All change of name ads in newspapers must […]

Six major factors that influence advertising rates in newspapers

With the complexities of newspaper advertising rates today, let us examine how the cost of newspaper advertisements in India are arrived at. This costing mainly depends on six major factors. These are: Type of the advertisement: In fact, there are three broad classifications of advertisements: Display Ads. These are the most impactful ads in newspapers […]