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Everybody loves discounts and rebates. When you get the desired service at a lesser price, it certainly brings a smile on the face. So, to add to your smile, Myadvtcorner has come up with some of the attractive offers and deals on all newspaper ad bookings. It is an online classified advertisement booking platform that […]

Newspaper Obituary Ads in Hyderabad

In Hyderabad, thousands avidly read newspapers every day. Thus, every ad in newspapers there gets ample attention. This is so even with obituaries published to inform, remind and pay tribute to and condole those loved ones who are deceased. These notices provide necessary information to everyone who knew the deceased person about the funereal and […]

Dainik Jagran: The TOP Choice for Obituary Display Ad Booking

When we consider Hindi Newspapers, the first name that comes to our mind is Dainik Jagran. The chronicle is considered the most read daily paper for the 25th time consecutively by the World Association of Newspapers (WAN). Let us acclimatize you with the History of the paper……. Its journey started during pre-independence era in the […]

How to place effective obituary ads

What obituary advertisements are. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an obituary is ”an announcement that someone has died, published in a newspaper in the form of a brief biography.” But that is not all. In addition to straightforward death announcements, there are obituary ceremonies (such as the chautha), condolence notices, commemorations (as on birth […]

Publishing a newspaper obituary ad

An obituary is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as: ”an announcement that someone has died, published in a newspaper in the form of a brief biography.” There could be two sources for this. If the person is famous in any field and is a well-known celebrity, there is already much that has been written […]

How to Prepare an Obituary Ad for Newspapers

The loss of a loved one leaves those left behind in a very confused state. Apart from arranging for the funeral, they have to deal with the visitors coming with condolences and simultaneously inform as many as possible over the telephone. But, to reach distant relatives, friends, associates and well-wishers, they must put advertisements in […]