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Investing in property is not like purchasing a vegetable or a fruit! You need to do a thorough research before investing your money in any project. There are certain things that you should never miss while purchasing a commercial or a residential property. These are the following: Check the essential documents and paper works of […]

Reach across north Hindustan with Hindustan Times

Launched in Delhi in 1924, the English broadsheet Hindustan Times (which has14 editions across north and central India) has a circulation of 12.3 lakh as per the Audit Bureau of Circulation and a readership of 37.67 lakh according to the Indian Readership Survey. Such statistics draw advertisers of all kinds of good, services and events […]

The Easiest way to book a Property Ad in Hindustan Times

  As the second most widely circulated and popular English daily of our country, Hindustan Times has a long-standing reputation for reporting objective news, knowledgeable editorials and topical articles. Across north India, Hindustan Times is most popular and gets plenty of matrimonial ads published on Sundays. What is little known is that the newspaper is […]

How to book Property Ads in Newspapers

What are Newspaper Property Ads?  These are ads put in newspapers for rooms, flats, apartments, houses, buildings and other real estate which have been put on the market by owners and builders for sale, purchase or rent to those in need of such accommodation.  Why advertise property? Property that is lying vacant is not considered as […]

Why Put Property Ads in Newspapers?

If you need to buy or sell or rent any kind of property, you have various options. These include going through: word-of-mouth recommendations online listings brokers and real estate agents newspaper ads Each of the above has its own merits but consider the drawbacks: Word of Mouth: This method suffers from its inability to reach […]