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Myadvtcorner Helps You Remember a Loved one without Trouble

The popular saying goes: ”Time Is the Best Healer.” Yet, there are some wounds that do not heal completely. A person overcomes that phase gradually but its slightest memory transports one back to the same time. Such painful situations are nothing else but remembering a loved one whom we have lost in the journey of […]

How to place effective obituary ads

What obituary advertisements are. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an obituary is ”an announcement that someone has died, published in a newspaper in the form of a brief biography.” But that is not all. In addition to straightforward death announcements, there are obituary ceremonies (such as the chautha), condolence notices, commemorations (as on birth […]

How to Prepare an Obituary Ad for Newspapers

The loss of a loved one leaves those left behind in a very confused state. Apart from arranging for the funeral, they have to deal with the visitors coming with condolences and simultaneously inform as many as possible over the telephone. But, to reach distant relatives, friends, associates and well-wishers, they must put advertisements in […]

For obituary advertising, why is The Times of India the best newspaper in Mumbai?

In a metro like Mumbai, publishing¬†obituary ads is very commonplace. This has emerged from studies of trends of ads being booked by citizens of the city. The cause is the number of people dying as a percentage of the huge population of reason behind this is not necessarily the number of deaths that take place […]