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Tender ads for best responses

It may be a government undertaking, private corporation or major enterprise, but when certain large projects are planned, advertising in newspapers is done with tender notices inviting interested parties to make bids with best offers. Whether it is an erection, repair, maintenance, supply or any such project, a classified display tender notice advertisement in a […]

What makes classified ads work?

  Through the years and around the world, classified ads have made their mark for advertisers for many reasons. First of all, they are so simple, they do not need elaborate copywriting and visualising skills and technology to be created. Secondly, they cost the least regardless of whichever category they are needed for – Matrimony […]

Confidently Book Classified Tender Ads Online through Myadvtcorner

  What are tender ads? They are tender notice advertisements issued mostly by government organisations and agencies, inviting those who fulfil certain qualifications specified in the ad, to submit their best bids for certain identified projects described in the ad. Normally, a tender or public notice consists of data such as the nature of the […]

Publishing Tender Notices without Sweat

Globally, newspapers carry tender notices by which organisations seek suppliers of goods and services, individually or as companies, to fulfil the advertisers’ corporate requirements in specific spheres. Since these needs are voluminous, there’s no limit to the variety or range of such tender notices. This is particularly true of government, semi-government and large corporations in […]