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Newspaper advertising cannot be ignored despite the advent of other forms of promotion and marketing. The newspaper ad posts can work wonders if drafted and targeted intelligently. LET US HAVE A LOOK AT THE MANY WAYS IN WHICH NEWSPAPERS CAN HELP YOU IN MARKETING AND ADVERTISING: Firstly, a newspaper ad post is detailed i.e. providing […]

Ads in The Times of India reach the most English readers

The Times of India (TOI) is an Indian English-language broadsheet daily newspaper which has the third-largest circulation in India by the world’s largest selling English-language daily according to the Audit Bureau of Circulations (India) which placed its daily circulation figure at 3,057,678 (as of Jul-Dec 2015). What is more, TOI has been ranked among the […]

Advertise in Newspapers to Promote your Business Interests

Whatever your business — providing goods, services or events — your best way to succeed is to promote it through one or more media. The options are many — like outdoor (hoardings and banners), electronic (radio, TV, Internet), print (posters, leaflets) and press (magazines and newspapers). Wise use of these helps boost return on investment. […]

How Regional Newspaper Advertising is Effective for Retail Purposes

Today’s market trends clearly indicate that there is a boom going on in the retail sector. In this highly competitive environment, the only choice to get ahead is to promote whatever goods and services one is retailing by whatever means possible. That is where advertising plays a crucial role. Through the years, it has been […]

Why opt for The Times of India for your Business Ads?

  Without advertising, business would fall flat. There are all kinds of media through which advertising can be done – outdoor (banners, hoardings and the like), electronic (like TV, radio and the internet) and the time tested print (newspapers, magazines, even leaflets). The most cost-effective of these is newspapers. Why book business ads in newspapers? […]