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The Quickest Way to make the Toughest of all Announcements, Death Notice

When you meet with the tragic event of life wherein any of your loved one departs from this world, you find it extremely inconvenient and emotionally challenging to inform the sad news to all. To make your task easier, we have come up with online ad booking services so that you can put your ad […]

How to place effective obituary ads

What obituary advertisements are. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an obituary is ”an announcement that someone has died, published in a newspaper in the form of a brief biography.” But that is not all. In addition to straightforward death announcements, there are obituary ceremonies (such as the chautha), condolence notices, commemorations (as on birth […]

Publishing Obituaries and Remembrance Ads in the Times of India

Founded in 1938, The Times of India today is the English newspaper with the largest circulation in the world, let alone India, with a readership of 76.43 lakh through nearly 40 editions spread across India. Thus, it is ideal for letting near and dear friends, relatives and acquaintances even in distant places know of the […]

For obituary advertising, why is The Times of India the best newspaper in Mumbai?

In a metro like Mumbai, publishing¬†obituary ads is very commonplace. This has emerged from studies of trends of ads being booked by citizens of the city. The cause is the number of people dying as a percentage of the huge population of reason behind this is not necessarily the number of deaths that take place […]