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High-tech mind of Abdul Kalam was down to Earth

  Born on 15 October 1931 in the house a ferryman of Rameswaram near the southern fringe of India, Dr Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam rose to become the 11th president of India without any personal political history. A bachelor throughout his life, he remained wedded solely to his passion for science and technology. This […]

12-year-old British girl genius Nicole Barr

British 12-year-old Nicole Barr, who lives in a caravan in Harlow, Essex, UK, with her father and three-month-old baby half-sister, has just scored two points more than Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking and even Bill Gates – with a perfect 162 on her Mensa IQ test! With that score, Nicole has hit the top one per […]


The miracles of technology will never cease! Now, in mid-July 2015, the Chinese ZhuoDa group used their own 3-D printing technology formula that is confidential, to set up a villa in Xi’an in northwest China’s Shanxi province – in barely three hours! Besides a living room, bedroom, kitchen and restroom, it has complete plumbing, wiring, […]

Now NASA reaches Pluto with a Flyby

    By Rajib Sen Pluto is the last of the original nine planets never to have been explored by mankind. Spacecraft made on Earth have visited Venus and Mars in the 1960s, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn in the 70s and, in the 80s, Uranus and Neptune. Only Pluto demoted to a dwarf planet, remained. […]

Monkey makes headline as cook

Findings published in the journal, Proceedings of the Royal Society B suggest that chimpanzees’ minds are capable of cooking. Though they may lack humans’ knowledge of fire, scientists believe that chimpanzees do possess most of the intellectual abilities required to cook food. A recent, in-depth study found that chimpanzees not only prefer the taste of […]

US Ambassador to India visits roots in Jalandhar

More than just a red-letter day, Thursday 21 May 2015 turned out to be a red-white-and-blue-letter day for the Government Girls’ Senior Secondary School near Gurdwara Chhevin Patshahi at Basti Sheikh in Jalandhar, Punjab. For this was the day when the United States’ ambassador to India, Richard Rahul Verma, visited the school where his maternal […]

Harnam Singh makes New Zeland’s Indian community proud

By Rajib Sen In New Zealand’s South Auckland suburb of Takanini, a 22-year-old Sikh business student from India, Harnam Singh, has become quite a hero and has achieved recognition world wide – because of his heart-warming, impulsive humanitarian gesture. And it was propelled into action by the screech of car tyres outside his house that […]

India’s first 5-in-1 family

All the girls are alive! By Rajib Sen For the first time in India’s recorded history, a woman gave birth to five children together on the morning of 5 May 2015. What is even more surprising in the country’s male-centric mentality is that and all five were girls – yet the thought of infanticide was […]


Life in the debris By Rajib Sen Till 25 April 2015, the Dharahara Tower, also called the Bhimsen Sambha, was a nine-storey, 61.88-metre-tall tower at the centre of Sundhara in Kathmandu. On that fateful day, it was brought crashing down by the 7.9-magnitude earthquake that wrought havoc in the peaceful mountain kingdom of Nepal in […]