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You can easily make Public announcements via Daily Thanthi Public Notice advertisement. These are the announcements that usually Public and Private sector organizations make about themselves. These are mandatory information that has to be spread amongst the masses and hold importance to common people.

Daily Thanthi is a news journal from the state of Tamil Nadu and is a very popular Tamil news chronicle that is read by many throughout the state. If a firm or a company wants to make announcements within the state of Tamil Nadu then nothing can be a better mode of communicating than Daily Thanthi.

Newspaper ad posts have a major role to play as their importance cannot be under estimated despite the arrival of other forms of advertising and promotion. A printed advert is equally influential in generating a reader response as the viral ads. In fact the older generation till date relies heavily on newspaper adverts as a few of them are not very comfortable with the world of online media. Hence, they browse through the columns of the newspapers to get the daily dose of news as well as they make it a point to rush through the classified ad supplement as well as and when required. It is not just the experienced generation that is a newspaper fan but youngsters as well as school going brigade too reads national as well as regional dailies. The touch and feel of newspapers is what makes them so popular till date. Anyone can carry a news chronicle and read while on the go. Hence, on the parameter of convenience as well news journals are not far behind. Another reason is that newspapers reach the remotest places of the country as they are widely circulated. They reach those areas as well where internet hasn’t marked its presence.

It is thus appropriate to publish Public Notice advertisement in a news journal so that it reaches all across all generations.

Daily Thanthi gives you a significant reader response and is a famous paper down South. So do not have second thoughts in your mind while placing your ad post in this coveted news journal.

For any inquiry regarding Public Notice ad booking for Daily Thanthi Newspaper Any Edition, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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