Public Notices as the word suggests are the messages that are meant to inform the common masses about something that is of Public interest. Usually, Public and Private Organization and institutions publish such notices in the newspaper to spread the word.

If you are a part of any Government, Semi-government institution and want to inform Public at large about any important move that your organization is about take, then choose Dainik Jagran newspaper for the same. Dainik Jagran Public Notice advertisement will provide you a medium to notify the common people about something important.

You can book an ad space for any city sitting from the comfort of your home or office. All you need to do is go online and reserve the ad slot, for instance while sitting in Amritsar you can make Public Notice Ad Booking in Delhi or any other metropolis.

Newspapers are read by all and they have a wide circulation it is due to this that the government institutions never neglect them and seek ad space to notify people. Though, news journals are conventional mode of advertising and promotion but till date both individual and commercial advertisers along with government units do not under-estimate the role of newspapers in generating Public opinion. Newspapers are indeed mass communication method to spread any information.

It is clearly evident that newspapers as a method of advertising are here to stay and they will not see decline in their popularity. They have proved their mettle time and again despite the advent of online advertising channels and a lot of people going viral for day-to-day activities. Newspapers have survived despite the fact that online portals are slowly increasing their penetration in the advertising arena.

Newspaper ad posts are cheaper than any other channel and due to this they are the most sought after channel for promotion. To publish a newspaper ad is much cheaper than hiring ad slot in an electronic advertising channel.

Digital advertising is restricted to youth and young lads that are internet savvy and it is due to this skewed audience pool that organizations do not just rely on online channels for Public Notices. They do not just want to tap a niche audience as in this case of digital ads that can only influence those who are tech-savvy.

Hence, it can be rightly concluded that to target a large chunk of population pie it is necessary to choose newspaper Public Notice ads.

For any inquiry while Public Notice ad booking for Dainik Jagran Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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