Whether it is simple message of a few lines or an elaborate paragraph stating and emphasizing things, Public Notices are indeed an important form of communication that firms and businesses use to spread across their message amongst the common people.

Nowadays both Public as well as Private sector organizations use these posts as a vehicle of information dissemination. Newspaper has been one of the most sought after media for Public Notices for decades now. Amongst the Hindi newspapers stands Dainik Jagran in all its dignity and prestige with a wide and diverse reader base to boast off. Public Notices are a regular sight in this prestigious Hindi newspaper that caters to a large Hindi speaking crowd across the country. Dainik Jagran Public Notice ads help people and companies equally when it comes to making announcements that are meant to be made amongst the common people.

Newspapers are mostly chosen for such task because they have a deep penetration in the remotest corner of the country where even internet hasn’t made its presence. Natives of areas that are devoid of any internet or wireless connectivity rely heavily on printed news journals for their daily dose of news. Consequently, newspaper adverts work best in such regions of limited or no internet access.

You can approach a newspaper ad agency to book your ad slot in this coveted newspaper that has high prices for an ad space. So, if you are planning to approach the newspaper directly then be ready to shell out a large sum of money to reserve the ad slot. On the other hand the mediating agency will negotiate the price for you and grab the ad space in a much lesser price than before. So, if you have modest budget then going for the newspaper ad agency will be a better idea than heading directly towards the newspaper company with your ad request.

You can also make Public Notice newspaper ad booking online in Dainik Jagran for a hassle-free booking process. Go ahead and reserve your ad slot with a few clicks only!

For any inquiry while Public Notice ad booking for Dainik Jagran Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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