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Have you witnessed many failures in life and the only remedy that your numerologist and astrologer told you is to do some modifications and alterations to the spelling of your name? Yes, it is a very common phenomenon in India and people change their names or later it as per the advice of their experts in astrology and numerology. Though it is easier for such learned people to ask their clients to change their names but it is not an easy task. A name change seeker simply cannot just start writing a new name from the following day! Instead, they need to follow a standard procedure to take on a new name. The rule applies for those as well who make slight changes with the spelling of their name or surname. It is only after following the process that you can continue with the new name and it will become your official title.

An important step while you are on a name change spree is publishing the same in a news journal declaring that you are about to change your name and take on a new identity. It is a mandatory step that cannot be skipped if you successfully want to change your name. You should at least choose two newspapers for this purpose; one a national daily published in English language and the other one a regional news journal or a vernacular.

If it is the latter that you are considering then bank on Divya Bhaskar that is one of the best known newspapers from the state of Gujarat. It is also popular in the neighbouring state of Maharashtra that is also one of the largest states of the country. Divya Bhaskar Name Change Ads can help you reach the people at large and spread the message in public. Hence it can be said that change of Name Advertisement is a type of Public notice.

For those of you who are putting up in Gujarat and Maharashtra, Divya Bhaskar will be a convenient and best choice to get your name change notice published. It will provide you an easy access to the local readers of the area and local people will get to know that you have changed your name recently.

For any inquiry while Name Change Ad booking for Divya Bhaskar Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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