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People take the help of Public Notices to avoid any disputes related with property and legal transfer of the property to the heir. These are meant to inform the public at large. Radio, Television and Internet can be the modes of notifying the public. However, newspapers are pivotal in making such announcements. There are many institutions or situations that legally demand a Public Notice ad in newspaper.


Though you can publish a Public Notice in any paper of your choice, but if you want your information or message to reach only to the local people then a local news broadsheet or a regional news supplement will serve the purpose. If you want to spread your message in the Southern states of the country, particularly Andhra Pradesh and other Telugu speaking belts, then do not miss Eenadu newspaper for this purpose. It is one of the widely circulated news journals in the said region and is one of the leading national dailies in a vernacular category. Eenadu Public Notice advertisement is the best way to communicate the information to the people.  You can connect with the national daily and place your ad request. You can either go for online ad booking or directly get in touch with the newspaper company directly. Eenadu paper has a wide reach in the Southern zone of the country and it provides easy access to the local readers of the region. There is hardly any person down South who doesn’t read this news journal. Consequently, the ad space in this coveted news supplement is the most sought after of all the papers and hence the ad rates are high. It is not just the Public Notice ads that are costly, but other ads as well viz. Matrimonial, Property, Lost and Found, Recruitment, etc. also have high prices.


So, it is advisable that you take the help of a reliable and authentic newspaper advertising ad agency for this purpose. The mediating agency will help you get the ad space at a much lower price that is otherwise difficult to get.

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Hence, Eenadu will be your best bet to notify people about anything urgent and important that should be brought to the notice of the common people.

For Any query related to Public Notice Ad Booking for Eenadu Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at

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