Confused about life-partner? Do not know whom to marry? Haven’t found your soul mate yet? No problem your partner search will now come to an end. Simply publish a newspaper classified matrimonial ad and all your worries will be sorted with just one advert. You need not go around finding a prospective match in every girl or a guy and your family will not have to rely on their relatives to find a suitable match for you. One ad post will work wonders for you and immediately changed your relationship status from single to engaged!

HT Matrimonial Classified Ads

Newspapers have been a primary source of advertising for decades now. Our previous generation and the one older to them relied heavily on newspaper adverts for various issues viz. Property, Missing person or item, Astrology, etc. And amongst the pool of so many categories matrimonial was one integral advertisement heading that witnessed ad requests on a regular basis. There were lot of match seekers both girls and guys who published ads to find a suitable family and a person for matrimonial alliance.


During those days one had to visit the office of the national or a regional daily and make the bookings. However, all thanks to the latest viral technology, one doesn’t have to run a marathon to a newspaper company these days and everything is taken care of with just a finger click. These days every newspaper offers matrimonial newspaper ad booking online via their websites. An ad seeker just need to register on the site and fill in the necessary details as per the format of such ads, select the kind of ad they wish to publish i.e. classified text ads, classified display ads, etc. and make and make the payment. Once you make the payment you will receive an e-receipt of the same confirming your booking. In case you wish to cancel the booking you need to do the same as per the terms and conditions and the cancellation policy of the service provider.

Hindustan Times is a newspaper on which people rely heavily upon and there are a lot of online bookings for Hindustan Times Matrimonial Classified Advertisement on a regular basis. It is one of the most popular English language national daily that has been catering to the needs of ad seekers for years now and a lot of successful couples have got into a wed-lock via the matrimonial adverts of this news broadsheet.

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