A majestic wedding venue with a perfect blend of colours and lights to add to the beauty of decor is what all of us dream of when we think about our wedding venue. Sparkling and royal outfits to add to the charm of the bride as well as groom is the next best thing that we often aspire for but have any of us ever thought about the way we want to find our soul mate? It is not for those who are already into a relationship and are planning to settle down soon but for all those who belong to the ‘Single Brigade’ and are still unsuccessful in finding that person who will become their life partner.

One of the best ways that you might find conventional is newspaper adverts. Many people discard this medium stating it as a traditional method of match making that will not suit the requirements of the present day generation. However, the truth is that it is one of the most apt ways to connect with families that are also looking for a suitable marriage mate for their daughters or sons. Though, matrimonial sites have made a niche for themselves but they too haven’t been able to beat the printed matrimonial ads despite their best effort. The reason for the same is that a newspaper ad post is published by only genuine match seekers unlike matrimonial portals where anyone can create an account whether serious or non-serious about marriage alliance. This is because matrimonial portals provide a free service to create an account. Any individual can create a profile and they need not take paid membership but their profile will be visible to all. It is due to this that the entire idea of a match making web service provider gets defeated! It becomes difficult for genuine profile makers to segregate non-serious elements from the serious ones.

Newspaper posts on the other hand help connect people as such notices are accessed by thousands of people. If you will select a national daily for your advert then you will get a huge and diverse reader base for your notice. One such newspaper that successfully qualifies this criterion is Hindustan Times. Matrimonial Ads in Hindustan Times, are published by lakhs of people across the country for the simple reason this newspaper reaches the remotest corner of the country due to its vast circulation as well as readership. Consequently, Hindustan Times Matrimonial Ad Rates are always on a higher side owing to the popularity of this news broadsheet.

So, if you want to get your matrimonial ad published in this prestigious newspaper then it is better to take the help of a newspaper ad agency instead of going straight away to the newspaper office. The latter method will burn a hole in your pocket! Instead if you will go via the agency way you will get ad space at a much cheaper price because the mediator will negotiate the price on your behalf and suggest you an ad package that will give you a better deal.

To reach more and more people with a single ad post, do not miss on to publish Hindustan Times newspaper advert that will provide a good response for your matrimonial ad.

For any inquiry while Matrimonial Ad booking for Hindustan Times Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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