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Do you think changing your surname after marriage is as easy as changing the same on your Social media networking account? If this is what you think then you surely have a misconception in your mind. You just cannot take up a new name without following a legal procedure. You have to undergo a proper process to take on a new identity.

Here is the process that you need to follow for getting rechristened. Take a look:

First and foremost you need to produce an affidavit that you are about to change your name. In this essential document, you will have to fill in the details viz. your current name, the new name that you wish to take on (adding a surname of your husband in this case), the reason why you want to change your name, your current address, etc. The second step is to publish a newspaper notice for name change. You can select any newspaper of your choice for this purpose. It is advisable that you select at least two newspapers for this purpose; one should be a national daily that has PAN India coverage and is read by many across the country. The second can be a regional newspaper or a vernacular of the area where you are residing. The final step in this journey of changing your name is the Gazette notification. You will have to publish a Gazette notification you can publish the same in the area Gazette of your local area.


As already mentioned you can publish a name change notice in a national daily and a regional newspaper. When we talk about the former i.e. a national daily one name that immediately strikes us is Hindustan Times. The newspaper is published in English language and is quite popular across the country. Nobody’s breakfast is complete without getting a dose of news from this prestigious news broadsheet that is a threat to many leading national dailies of the country.

You can post your name change advert in this news journal for a better audience reach of your notice. You can make your bookings online and get the ad space instantly. This helps you to reserve your ad slot for any city sitting in any part of the world. For instance, you are currently in Delhi and your hometown is in Mumbai, you can go online and book name change ad in Hindustan Times for Mumbai with just a few clicks!

You can select various ad packages to post Hindustan Times Mumbai Name Change Ads. Though, one does not need to go for a repeat publication of the name change advert but you can go for the same if you wish. Otherwise, a single post will suffice.

Do keep in mind that you will be requiring the newspaper clipping of the name change notice for future references. Hence, keep a copy of the same intact so as to produce before the concerned authorities as and when required.

So, this was all about the name change procedure in India. You can look up to the various ad samples of such notices in cases you are not aware of the format of such posts.

For any inquiry while Name Change Ad booking for Hindustan Times Newspaper for Mumbai, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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