Hindustan Times Obituary Display Ads

When someone is no more, an obituary ad is released in newspapers which tells of the funeral and various services after the funeral depending of the culture of the family. Obituary ads have different sub-categories that include Death Announcements, Death Anniversaries, Obituary Ceremony, Condolences, Commemoration, In Memoriam, Tributes and many more.

• Death announcements: This ad makes a simple and straightforward death announcement.

• Sad demise ads: This ad also makes a death announcement but it is usually chosen when someone passes away in unnatural circumstances.

• Chautha ads: This refers to the 4th day ceremony after death where family members and relatives gather for “Shanti path” and “Geeta pravachan” and Bhajans. departed one, and most importantly, to remember the good deeds left behind by the departed soul.

• Tehrveen ads: These are announced by some families who observe a 13-day mourning period.

• Marka ads: These mark a ceremony performed by the Sindhis where Marka ads are given as initiations.

• Bhog ads: These refer to Sikhism’s blessing or offering of food which has been cooked and ready to eat. It is on the ceremonial completion of a Sahej Paath, Sadharan Paath, or an Akhand Paath, which is the continuous reading of the Guru Granth Sahib.

• Condolence ads: Such ads express one’s sympathy to someone who is bereaved.

• Remembrance ads: Such ads refer to someone who has passed away and is being remembered on a particular day such as the birth or death anniversaries so that others near and far can share the occasion.


All such ads are best released in a newspaper with wide reach.

Hindustan Times (HT) is an English broadsheet daily newspaper which has a circulation of 1.16 million copies as of November 2015. The Indian Readership Survey 2014 ranks HT as India’s second most widely read English newspaper. Popular in North India, it is simultaneous published from New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Patna, Ranchi, Bhopal, and Chandigarh.

It carries ads in the following formats:

• Hindustan Times Obituary Classified Text: These are simple run-on-line (ROL) text ads that are charged by the word/line.

• Hindustan Times Obituary Classified Display: These ads allow enhancements though colours, visuals and logos and are charged by the sq. cm.

• Hindustan Times Obituary Display: These ads have no restrictions about colour, size or page and are also charged by the sq. cm.

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