Remembrance of a loved one is not just a description that provides information about the fact that a loved one departed from this world on a particular day. It is a way to establish connection with that bygone soul and a way to commemorate them. The death anniversary of a person can also be considered a social connection amongst the well-wishers and acquaintances of the deceased. It is the day when all individuals who were closely attached to the dead meet each other thereby forming a close knit social family with a common thread that aligns them together i.e. the deceased. Hence, it is not just a regular day but a day with significance for the survivors. It is thus essential to pray for the bygone soul and indulge in some noble acts that can shower blessings on the survivors.

One of the first and foremost things to do is to connect with everyone who knew the deceased. You can do the same by publishing a remembrance ad in the newspaper. Remembrance posts are meant to call in people who were in touch with the deceased so that together with the survivors they can pray for the well being of the deceased in the eternal world.

Hindustan Times is a very famous newspaper that witnesses a lot of remembrance ad post requests on a regular basis. It provides ad space for such notices to individual advertisers, etc.

The format of such posts is standard and the content is humble. It is meant to remember the deceased and thus one needs to be very careful with the selection of the words while drafting a remembrance notice. Another thing to keep in mind is to mention the name, complete date of birth and date of death of the departed soul. You also need to provide the photograph of the deceased or else it will be difficult for the people to recognize as to whose death anniversary it is. The advertiser also can provide a personalized message in such notices highlighting the fact that they haven’t forgotten the deceased and that they always keep the departed soul in their heart.

To make Remembrance Ad Booking in Noida or any other city, you can make your bookings online. It is a convenient method that will help you reserve ad slots quickly.

So, if you have an upcoming death anniversary of a loved one then immediately book Hindustan Times Remembrance Advertisement so that you can pray for their soul.

For any inquiry while Remembrance Ad booking for Hindustan Times Newspaper for Noida, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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