Lost and Found ads

From the beginning of newspapers, they have been the medium by which people have been making announcements about things they have lost for two reasons:

1) in the hope that, if it is found, the finder will inform the owner; and, in any case, 2) make a formal notice which will be acceptable in official circles as a genuine cause for helping restore the original (e.g. through an official copy) to the owner.

In the first case, above, care must be taken about advertising where the item was lost. There is no point advertising in a Delhi newspaper if the loss occurred in Mumbai. That is why such ads must be placed in newspapers not only close to the place of loss but also with the widest reach. In the second case, above, it may be just a trivial matter and the ad is required as a mere formality. In that case, the newspaper with the cheapest rates even with a low circulation will serve the purpose.  Whichever newspaper is chosen, however, remember to include the maximum details by which to identify the lost article if and when found.

lost and found ads

Lost and Found ads are always published in the classified columns of newspapers which carry the ads at the lowest cost. Therefore, you can choose ordinary text classified ads which are charged by the word or line. But, if you want to make them more eye-catching at extra expense, you can use ticks, borders or bold lettering. You can go for the more expensive display classified ads where further enhancements like colour screens and visuals can be used and get charged on a square centimetre basis. Always ensure that you book the ad at least a couple of days earlier than required.

Placing Lost and Found ads can be quite a complex, stressful and time consuming effort for someone who is generally not familiar with media in general and newspapers in particular.  For such people, the most convenient alternative is through making contact with an online newspaper ad booking service through their office computer or the laptops at their homes. Myadvtcorner is the instant online arm of a full service advertising agency with a complete media department in instant touch with all newspapers in all languages in India. Therefore, someone from, for instance, Gurgaon can easily announce the loss of something somewhere in Tamil Nadu by advertising it in The Hindu and/or the Daily Thanthi,  the English and Tamil vernacular newspapers, respectively, most popular in that region.

You have many options for making payments.  There are various options when it comes to making payment for the advertisement as the payment modes. Online, these include: credit card, debit card, net banking and NEFT (online cash transfer). The offline methods are: cash deposit, cheque, demand draft and cash collection.

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