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Through the instant online services of MyAdvtcorner, you can book a lost and found advertisement in newspapers like The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, The Telegraph and The Telegraph at the most cost-effective rates at no extra cost.

How to book a lost and found advertisement in newspapers:

 First, if it is something important like a deed or some other legal document, you must get an affidavit signed by a notary public and present a copy when contacting for the publishing the ad.

Second, you should select a newspaper in the locality where you lost the item. If, for instance, you are a resident of New Delhi and lost the item while visiting Trivandrum, you should advertise in Malayala Manorama published from Kottayam, Kerala, and not your local copy of The Times of India.

Third, choose the newspaper with the highest circulation which gives more people a chance to see your ad and, maybe, find the lost article and help you recover it. However, in case the ad is being placed for mere formality or legal reasons, then the nearest newspaper which is a member of the Indian Newspaper Society (INS) with the lowest circulation will serve your purpose because such a newspaper will also offer the cheapest rate.

Fourth, ensure that you clearly describe the missing item.

Options to book ads in newspaper

 Lost & Found Ads in newspapers can be published in the classified columns of all newspapers in the two following ways:

  • Text classified ads: These are the lowest costing simple black and white ads which are charged by the word or line as per the concerned newspaper’s rules, subject to a minimum of 5 lines with extra costs for additional space consumed. This can only be enhanced (at extra cost) with a tick, border or bold lettering.
  • Display classified ads: These are more costly ads which are charged per square centimetre but permit eye-catching enhancements like using colour screens, logo, small visuals and/or formatting.

If the above guidelines are clear, get in touch with MyAdvtcorner from the sheer ease of contact from your office or home computer, without delay.

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