Lost and Found Newspaper Ads

Lost and Found Newspaper Ads

Among the oldest and most common public notices in the history of newspaper advertising are lost and found newspaper ads and fall under the category of “Announcements”. These ads are placed by people who have lost or misplaced anything – from documents in a file to a pet that has wandered away or been stolen.

Lost and Found Ads

When published, such an ad gives the publisher a legal right to back his claim of loss and demand any possible compensation or at least inform the public in the hope that, if found, the lost item will be returned to its rightful owner.

In all cases, however, the first step is to make out an FIR at the appropriate police station or obtain a copy of a General Diary Entry. Even a notarised affidavit will do. With any of these documents, you can go to a newspaper, write out the contents of your ad, pay the necessary dues, and wait for the date of publication when the ad will appear in print making your loss public.

Lost and Found Ads

The simplest way, however, is to contact an online facility of an established advertising agency right from your home or office computer. One such leading facility is MyAdvtCorner.Com through whose media experts you can reach any local, regional or national newspaper in any language in India. Thus, if you are a Hindi-speaking resident of, say, Noida, UP, and you have lost a briefcase with housing documents on a trip to Chennai, you would need to advertise in The Hindu or the Tamil vernacular, Daily Thanthi. To do so without having to move out of Noida, you are best off using the services offered by this online facility at no extra charge.

There is another reason for resorting to help from the online agency. That is when the ad is required for the sake of formality in which some trivial loss merely needs to be announced in the newspaper for legal or other such reasons. In that case, it is better to get a publication which has a low rate. This is where the online agency with its media support can help you.

The lowest cost of advertising in any newspaper is Classified Text which is charged per word or line depending on the newspaper. You can improve the visibility of your ad by increasing your budget to pay for a Display Classified ad in which you can use screen, colour, tick, bold, logo, visual or other enhancement, which is charged at a per square centimetre rate.

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