There are a lot of people who change their name. For such individuals who have to take on a new identity for reason or the other, there is streamlined legal name change procedure in India that they have to follow to get a new name or add a new surname to their existing name. One of the steps in the name change process is to publish a newspaper ad post for the same.

You can choose any news journal for publishing a name change notice. Also, there is no need for you to get your message published on the front page of the paper for better audience notice. It is because it is a legal formality to publish a name change advert in newspaper. However, do not become so callous in your approach while publishing a name change notice and keep certain things in mind when you go ahead in this direction.

You will be required to produce just a single copy of the newspaper post but it is better if you keep a couple of copies with you. Keep a few copies of that news broadsheet in which your name change statement is published. Also, preserve them carefully, as they will now be required anytime as name change act will become a lifetime issue for you that you will have to bring to notice as and when required. Hence, it is advisable that you preserve both the hard copy as well as the scanned ones for future references.

You can publish your ad in a national daily or a regional newspaper whichever you consider appropriate. If it is a regional news journal that you are considering then do not forget Maharashtra Times for the same. Maharashtra Times classified ads are published by individual as well as commercial advertisers. People residing in the state of Maharashtra do not miss out this news journal when they are about to publish an ad post.

You can also seek an ad space in this coveted regional newspaper. To publish Maharashtra Times Name Change Ads, make your bookings online and stay away from long queues at newspaper branch office. Plus, you can book your advert even on Sundays! That means that you do not have to wait for weekdays to put forward your ad request and make your ad bookings at anytime and from anywhere.

So, why wait further, just go online and reserve your ad slot.

For any inquiry while Name Change Ad booking for Maharashtra Times Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at

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