Malayala Manorama Recruitment Classified Ads

Advertise! Advertise! Advertise! But how can you do that effectively? It is one question that haunts every person who is about to promote their offering. Both small and large-scale firms and corporate are often face this challenge of effective marketing plan that can provide them with best results. It is a difficult task to tap the correct audience or customer base in the most cost-effective manner.

Though, there are lot of channels of advertising and promotion but one of the most effective ways is newspaper advertising that not just provides a good audience reach but that too in economical budget. Those advertisers who do not have a lot of money to spend on marketing can simply go for print adverts for their promotional activities. Newspaper classified ads can be published in any news journal whether a national daily, a regional newspaper or a local or community paper.

Vernaculars can also be chosen for this purpose. Talking more about them, one of the popular names is Malayala Manorama. It is a news journal famous in the state of Kerala and is published in Malayalam language. The indigenous crowd of the state reads this paper religiously and seldom switches to any other newspaper. Thus, the popularity and readership of the newspaper never goes down. There are lot of people who publish Malayala Manorama Classified Ads under various categories viz. Matrimonial, Lost and Found, Property, Public Notice, Tender Notice, etc. One of the popular categories of ad posts includes recruitment adverts that are a regular sight in this coveted news journal. Many companies place Malayala Manorama Recruitment Classified Advertisement to attract skilled talent for a job vacancy in their organization. The newspaper can help search through the local crowd and extract the best work force from amongst them.

To publish advertisement in newspaper (any news journal and not just Malayala Manorama) you can hop on the website and make your ad bookings to save your time and effort. Online method is one of the efficient and quick ways of reserving an ad slot.

For any inquiry while Recruitment Classified Ad booking for Malayala Manorama Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at

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