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Morung Express, an English language broadsheet daily newspaper published from Dimapur in Nagaland, is the first newspaper in Nagaland. Being Nagaland’s only English daily, advertisers can easily use it to target the cream of the population. As it is published in English, its reach extends to the English speaking people in surrounding areas as well. Popular among the age group of 25–45, its subscribers also include doctors, professionals, businesspersons, lawyers, government employees, teachers, lecturers, self-employed entrepreneurs and institutions, making it an ideal medium to communicate with those with the most spending power.Morung Express Display Ads

Morung Express Classified and Display Advertisement Booking Online

It carries ads in various categories like the following:

• Morung Express Matrimonial Advertisements: These help find suitable brides and grooms for marriageable young men and women.


• Morung Express Change of Name Advertisements: These help legalise people change their names partially or fully for whatever reason.

Name Change Ads

• Morung Express Obituary Advertisements: These help inform of someone’s demise along with details of the funeral and post-funeral observations.

• Morung Express Property Advertisements: These help publicise properties to sell, buy, rent or lease in any category anywhere.

property ads

Morung Express Display Advertisement

• Morung Express Personal Advertisements: These help people to convey matters that concern them for any response from the general public.

• Morung Express Tour and Travel Advertisements: These help those on the move to find sources for tickets, transport, accommodation, visas and related conveniences.

• Morung Express Public Notice Advertisements: These help government agencies, private companies and individuals inform the public of matters that may need a response.

• Morung Express Remembrance Advertisements: These help people celebrate significant dates — like the dates of birth and death — of someone who is no more.

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