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Mumbai Mirror is a compact English daily newspaper in the city of Mumbai, belonging to the Times Group, publishers of The Times of India newspaper. By its very nature, the Mumbai Mirror caters to a niche sophisticated audience in an extremely competitive market. Thus its rates are quite affordable make them cost-effective newspaper ads.

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Advertising goods, services or events from all over India, the simplest and quickest means is by contacting Myadvtcorner. This online arm of an INS-accredited, full-service advertising agency is backed by media professionals who provide free service in such matters as the latest Mirror advertising rate card, booking Mumbai Mirror classified ads of both classified text and classified display formats as well as display ads in Mumbai Mirror newspaper in various categories.

Mumbai Mirror classified ads

These include:

• Mumbai Mirror Matrimonial Advertisement: This helps locate suitable grooms and brides for eligible girls and boys.


• Mumbai Mirror Change of Name Advertisement: This is the legal means of regularising any part or full changes in name by individuals.

Name Change Ads

• Mumbai Mirror Recruitment/Vacancy Advertisement: This helps organisations locate people with the right qualifications to fill vacancies.

• Mumbai Mirror Education Advertisement: This helps inform prospective students of fresh learning opportunities planned by institutions, groups and individuals.

Education Ads

• Mumbai Mirror Public Notice Advertisement: This is used to inform the public of policies and projects.

• Mumbai Mirror Property Advertisement: This helps people find property for sale, purchase, lease or rent.

property ads

• Mumbai Mirror Business Advertisement: This informs of money-making opportunities available and the circumstances.

• Mumbai Mirror Obituary Advertisement: This informs local Mumbai residents of the passing of someone who may have been living elsewhere.

So, this facility facilitates placing advertisements in Mumbai Mirror newspaper.

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