There may be many causes for you to change your name. It may be due to a difference in spelling in two documents – i.e. your old school leaving certificate and your new passport – or because some astrologer has advised adding a letter, or the personal conviction that a given name like Ranjit would be better as Ranjeet. For women, it could also be because of marriage or divorce. It might also be because of a change in profession like becoming an author or film actor – like Yusuf Khan became the renowned Dilip Kumar.

Name Change Ads

However, to make such a change of name legal, it is essential to get the change published in two newspapers – one in English and the other in Hindi or a vernacular language – so that there is no mistake in the pronunciation.  Such an advertisement can be in any local, regional or national newspaper. But it is always preferable to select a newspaper that your target audience will read. If it is a change of company name, then select a business newspaper.

Before going to a newspaper to book change of name ads, you need to get this change of name attested by a notary public and an affidavit made, a copy of which must be carried by you to show at the newspaper office.

Once the newspaper agrees to carry your advertisement, your most economic step would be to opt for the section of simple, black and white text classified ads in newspapers. These are charged by the word or line as per the individual newspaper’s policy. Still, you can make it more eye-catching by going for the section of classified display ads in newspapers. Here, you can add colour, small visuals and different embellishments to make your advertisement stand out. In such an option, you will be charged by column centimetre and cost more.

If all this seems to complicated and time-consuming for you, you can simply use the computer at your home on office to contact, the online facility of a full-fledged advertising agency, whose media resources will do the needful instantly and at no extra cost.

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