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Service industry in India is growing leaps and bounds. There seldom any sector viz. Hospitality, Medical, Transportation, Insurance, Tours and Travels, Beauty and Wellness, etc. that has not seen an increase in the number of interested customers who are ready to avail these services. Hence, it can be rightly said that there is a cut-throat competition in service industry as well similar to its product counter parts where there are innumerable players offering a similar product. Amidst such tough competition, there is a need to market and advertise in a very intelligent manner so that you are able to retain your existing customers and add the new ones to your customer base.

Now, here it is important to know as to how one can draft a perfect ad copy for a service ad. Service ads need to clearly convey the type of service that is offered by the provider. You can go for a catchy headline but that won’t really serve the purpose as service industry runs on the efficiency. Say for example a customer looking for a good Tours and Travels aggregator will not just get enticed by a catchy headline but the content of the advert, which means that the details about that service provider and their offerings. Hence, it is extremely important to draft your advert in such a way so as to explain about all your offerings, price or rate for the same and most importantly the competitive advantage of your offering.

Navbharat Times Classified Ads

You can also entice the customer by offering them special discounts on initial bookings on first come first serve basis, free trials, etc. You should never miss out competitor’s adverts and compare your notice with them to improve your advert. Another important point is that you should highlight the reason for customers to avail your services and incorporate ‘Call To Action’ message in your advert.

Choose your newspaper wisely to publish service ads. Go for a popular newspaper to tap more and more people in a given region such as Navbharat Times. Navbharat Times Newspaper Ads will give you outstanding reader response owing to the popularity of the news journal. Service ad in Navbharat Times Newspaper can help you send your message to so many people who might become your prospective customers.

So, go ahead and draft your service advert intelligently.

For any inquiry while any category Ad booking for Navbharat Times Newspaper, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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