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Have you been lamenting over the death of a loved one? Is it difficult to cope up with the calamity that has befallen you? Are you feeling lonely and distressed? Please do not worry, as there are a lot of people around you to help you during such heart-rending times! Just connect with them and they will pour in all their support and will not let you feel depressed and dejected due to the turn of events that have happened.

It is difficult to reach out to each and every person individually to inform about the unfortunate incident therefore it is better to take the help of a newspaper ad post for the same. You can choose Navodaya Times newspaper if you are residing in that part of the country. It is one news journal that will take forward your message to maximum people in the state and the surrounding regions. Hence, obituary ads in navodaya times for Delhi, NCR, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, etc. will help you reach people in the aforesaid regions.

If you are putting up in Delhi and NCR then Punjab Kesari will be the best choice for newspaper advertising for Delhi and adjacent regions. It will make it easier to spread any information faster and not just the Death notices. To make your ad bookings you can directly contact the newspaper office or reserve your ad space online with a few finger clicks. The latter is one of the most convenient methods that you can adopt for this purpose.

A lot of people connect with the survivors after reading the obituary adverts in the newspaper. In this manner, a wailing person can get the support of the well-wishers and acquaintances. So, if you are finding it difficult to make the death news public, go and publish the same in the news broadsheet and it will automatically reach thousands of people with a single advert. If you wish, you can go for repeat publication of the ad post or else a single publication will be sufficient.

For any inquiry Obituary ad booking for Navodaya Times Newspaper for Delhi, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at

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