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There comes a saturation point for every revolution that starts. One such fad that has slowly started losing its sheen is the online matrimonial service. There are so many players in this industry working at small and large scale, regional and PAN India level that individuals are no more seeking marriage alliances through such channels. But do you know why the craze for such marriage sites has declined? Why these portals that were once flourishing like anything after started losing their customer base despite them being offering huge discounts on paid membership schemes? Well the reason for the same is the increasing number of frivolous and fake profiles on these portals. Plus, many non-serious members who are not even remotely interested in settling down create such profiles for fun! Hence, it dilutes the reader response and the people who are seeking a marriage alliance leave the online space dejected and disappointed. There is another significant reason that the information provided on such profiles cannot be monitored or cross checked and hence it is very likely that the information provided might be exaggerated or fake.

Newspaper matrimonial notices come to rescue during such times. A person who wants to settle down and is unable to find a suitable match can go for newspaper marriage adverts and go ahead with further communication with the people who connect via such medium. These days it has become super easy to place your advert in any newspaper of your choice and consequently one can make matrimonial newspaper ad booking online for a quick and hassle free process. Individuals can refer to the matrimonial newspaper ad samples available online and can draft their advert on similar guidelines.

Further, one can choose the community under which they want to post their advertisement. For example Jains, Brahmins, Baniya, Jat, etc. They can also select a particular religion and publish ad posts under that category for instance Sikhs, Muslim etc. Those who are not particular about religion and caste can go for Cosmopolitan category and publish their posts.

Newspaper advertising is certainly one of the best ways to find a soul-mate. It might be a conventional method but will surely not disappoint you in any way. So without second thoughts publish your matrimonial advert.

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