Since the advent of the Internet, there has been some concern in the advertising industry about the standard of newspaper advertising taking an irreversible slump over the last few years. Aside from an economic slow-down and reduced consumer spending, the changing market dynamics might have affected the revenues of newspaper advertising. This is more likely to have been caused by increases in online spending in the same period.

Yet, newspaper advertising remains very much alive in terms of generating sales, and continues as a favourite of both advertisers and consumers alike.

Business Classified Advertisement in The Economic Times and The Times of India Newspaper

One reason is that advertisers believe that the big advantage of newspaper advertising is that it is very simple to repeat the same message in a newspaper advertisement. For instance, one can schedule The Economic Times classified ads or display ads for very little money and get satisfactory returns in a short time.

Business Advertisement in The Economic Times Newspaper

The fact remains that consumers still base their purchase decisions on newspaper ads as it is very comfortable how this medium is accepted and read. All this indicates how well newspapers are continuing to do despite the onslaught of the Internet, T V and other electronic media in their homes and places of work. And that shows up in the significant gains in share of the newspaper business ad.

According to the Registrar of Newspapers for India’s 55th annual report ‘Press in India’ 2010-11, the total number of registered newspapers stood at 82,237. Of these the highest number of newspapers were published in Hindi (7,910), followed by English (1,406), Urdu (938), Gujarati (761), Telugu (603), Marathi (521), Bengali (472), Tamil (272), Odiya (245), Kannada (200) and Malayalam (192). Can any other medium of advertising match that reach?

Of the various English daily broadsheet newspapers, The Times of India alone has 36 editions across the country offering opportunities to advertisers to save money by reaching specific editions, each having a different rate for advertising. For instance, an advertiser in Delhi not only has the Delhi NCR editions which covers Delhi, Faridabad and Gurgaon, but, if need be, strike in western India through The Times of India editions in Mumbai, Ahmedabad and Pune – and get a rebate in the reduction in the combined rate when the same ad is released in the same size in all those editions.

To make this process all the more easy today, the advertiser can save tremendous time and effort by simply using his or her laptop or office computer to contact the recognised online services of Myadvtcorner. This has an excellent media set-up in touch with many local, regional and national newspapers and aware of their latest status with regard to rates. These data can be passed on free of charge to the advertiser. Because of these contacts also, given a couple of days’ notice, this agency can also ensure the appearance of the necessary ad in the required edition on time.

Here, then, powerful reasons for you to make your business boom through newspaper advertising.

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