Newspaper Advertising in Jaipur

It is a very well-known fact that newspapers are cheaper in terms of cost of advertising than other channels of marketing and promotion. However, it is also true that everyday almost all the news journals are flooded with different kinds of adverts under various categories. Hence, it is very likely that your advert might get lost in the crowd of many! It is therefore extremely important to make your ad post stand out from the pool of many in order to have good reader response.

How can you create an effective ad copy? How to attract people with the help of newspaper advert? Well, these are some questions that crop up in the mind of every advertiser before they take a plunge into the world of newspaper advertising and try their luck!

To begin with there are basically three major types of ad formats; classified text ads, classified display ads and display adverts. The first one is the basic type with Black and White font and are cheapest of all the three. They have standard charges and extra words are charged additionally. The second category of adverts is meant to attract the reader attention and use bold font and colour schemes.  They are a bit costlier than the first one. Finally comes the third ad posts that are Display adverts. They are full-page ad posts that are meant for commercial advertising. They are meant for brand image building, new product launch, sale of a good or service, etc.

Once you choose the ad type as per your requirements and budget the second important step is to draft content for your ad. The content should be crisp and apt that sends across your message succinctly.

Amidst this process one of the crucial steps is to choose your newspaper intelligently. The news broadsheet plays a major role in providing good reader response. The one with wide circulation will most likely good response. For example if you are planning to go for newspaper advertising in Jaipur, it is better to select Rajasthan Patrika that is a popular newspaper of the state. Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper Ads will certainly provide better responses than any other paper as the news journal has a strong foothold in the region.

Newspaper Advertisement is one of the best and cheapest ways to promote your offerings so go ahead and create your ad copy today.

For any inquiry while Newspaper Ad booking for Rajasthan Patrika Newspaper for Jaipur, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at


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