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One of the most commonly published categories of ads published in all newspapers is the change of name category. It need not be costly because such an advertisement is more of a legal formality than a promotional effort.  

What is important in name change advertisement booking?

  • All change of name ads in newspapers must be accompanied by a notarized affidavit or a stamp paper with the signature of a gazetted officer which will be the legal document stating the change in the name
  • All change of name ads must be published in at least two newspapers with one being in Hindi or other vernacular language and the other in English
  • Change of name ads are published only in the classified columns of Indian newspapers – both, black and white text (run-on line) and display classified (with images, colour screens and logos). The first is charged by the word or line as per a newspaper’s policy while the other is more expensive being charged by the square centimetre.

The benefits of booking newspaper advertisement:

  • Such change of name newspaper ads indicate the authenticity behind the intentions and official reasons for the advertiser’s change of name
  • The publication of a change of name formally announces the change in your identity to the general public besides government or official authorities
  • A cutting of the change of name ad becomes an essential document as a declaration of the new name, which can be produced for any official purpose
  • In general, this helps people around you to learn about your change in identity because the change of name ad marks the way they know you

Now, check out the rates of newspaper advertisements.

Name Change Ads

This could be a tedious and time-consuming process especially for someone who has no usual connection with advertising or media. Therefore, for instant satisfaction, it is better to contact a full-service online facility like MyAdvtcorner which has media experts with contacts with newspapers in all languages all over India. It will do the needful at no extra cost.

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Once the ad is published, you can take the cuttings from the two newspapers and use them to your advantage.

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