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Newspaper advertising is not simple when you want a good response to make your investment per ad cost-effective. So the following write-up will give you an idea of the dos and don’ts of newspaper advertising to ensure an improved response with better returns. Therefore, keep in mind the 10 following ways to achieve your objectives:

  • Newspaper classified ads have different categories like: • Matrimonial • Wedding Arrangements • Personal • Change of Name • Property • Lost and Found • Situations Vacant
  • Announcement • Education • Computers • ObituaryRemembrance • Public Notice • Tenders
  • Business • Retail • Services • Travel • Astrology

There are three formats for newspaper ads:

  • Classified Text: Simple, black and white text ads measured per word/line subject to a minimum and charged extra for excess and use of enhancements.
  • Classified Display: Ads using images and colour and charged per sq. cm.
  • Display: Ads with bigger budgets charged per sq. cm without limitations of size, colour or page.
  1. Decide the theme and tone for the ad:

You must give prime consideration to the tone of the ad – whether it is to be a bland announcement or an emotionally charged ad. If it is to be serious, sophisticated, funny or direct, it will determine what terminology and fonts you will be using along with the visuals.

  1. Clearly identify your objective:

You must make the reader exactly what goods, services or events are being promoted through the newspaper ad. The ad must also convey whether it is part of a series, a stand-alone or a teaser and whether it’s a public notification or a personal ad seeking individual responses from readers.

  1. Create a memorable headline:

Because the contents of your ad are so important, they must be heralded by a catchy headline forcing readers’ eyes to go on to the visual and the supporting text matter. A well-thought-out headline makes this possible. It must be short and have words that demand action.

  1. Incorporate a call-to-action:

Unless it is bland notification, your ads must influence the reader to take some kind of action. It is most important to make the reader a part of your marketing programme.

  1. Make your ad stands out in the newspaper page:

To ensure prominence and visibility of your ad, take care that its placement and positioning works for it. In the case of classified ads, make use of bold text, thick screen borders, ticks, colour backgrounds and other enhancements. In the case of display, a little extra payment will ensure positioning in the front, back, third page at the top right or left corner or the bottom for greater notice-ability.

  1. Know the role of fonts:

Choice of fonts and its sizes can determine how prominent the ad will be but it might affect the ad size thereby its cost – up or down depending on the font. Remember that the font sets the tone and conveys the theme of the ad and there must not be more than three different fonts in an ad to avoid clutter.

  1. Realise the impact of colours:

Colours hugely influence the minds of readers and thereby also help set the tone and theme of the ad. Different colours provoke various emotions.

  1. Use space strategically:

To ensure that the ad space is well utilized, avoid cramming too much content or too many images into it as this will make the reader lose focus and the message of your ad loses out. Keep enough space at the lower portion for providing your contact details and keeping the headline in bold without diluting the images or symbols or text around it.

  1. Sustain consistency for better recall of the ads:

Repetitive use of the ads makes them more effective. So maintain a similar style and flow in your   ads to make it easier for readers to relate to and recall your earlier ads, thereby improving the brand image. Use of similar logos and graphics makes the image of your ad and your brand memorable.

  1. Proofread and review several times:

Finally, in a bid for perfection, you must proofread and edit the text as many times as possible. Even make copies and read each copy till you are satisfied that no further improvements can be made.

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