All ads in newspapers cannot just be placed. Some need legal documents without which newspapers will refuse to carry them at any price. This is to safeguard their interests in case of any legal proceedings arising out of any kind of irregularity discovered by someone after the publication of the advertisement.

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Given below are some of kinds of documents required before different kinds of notifications can be accepted for publication by newspapers:

Public Notice ads: There are a variety of public notice ads including tenders and those mentioned below. Such notices usually need the details supporting the notice on a practising lawyer’s letterhead. These details on the lawyer’s letterhead should convey the reasons for publishing the ad. The lawyer’s registration number and signature over his seal should be on the supporting document.


Obituary: Either a death certificate or a doctor’s note is essential. The doctor’s note should be under his or her letterhead and clearly mention the deceased’s name and cause of death over the doctor’s signature and rubber stamp if available.

Name Change ads: A notarized affidavit of is required for the name change is required. However, also acceptable is a copy approved and signed by a gazetted government official.

This form is only accepted by DNA and Midday. This document must not be over six months old.

Lost and Found ads: While a police FIR is needed, a notarized affidavit serves the purpose also.

Medical purpose ads: Medical ads like those seeking donors for human eggs and kidneys must have an authorization letter from doctors or registered hospitals, duly signed and sealed by the relevant authorities.

Marriage related: A notification requesting the sample for marriage notices which only need an application for a marriage notice.

Situations Vacant ads: Usually, a declaration on a regular company letterhead will suffice if it mentions the number of vacancies open in the organization and it wants to advertise these in a specific newspaper. In addition, it would be helpful to get a clearance from the concerned country’s embassy which should provide a clearance note.

Other documents: Besides those listed above, some special documents are required by certain newspapers like Amar Ujala (which need a copy of a photo ID proof for publishing a business or property ad). Sometimes, publications seek a photo ID proof for business ads related to loans or finance.

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