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An obituary is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as: ”an announcement that someone has died, published in a newspaper in the form of a brief biography.” There could be two sources for this. If the person is famous in any field and is a well-known celebrity, there is already much that has been written about the person which could provide the basis of a life-sketch. This could be shaped into an obituary usually by a reporter. But others can always add additional obituary ads — for example, the Army’s ad on the death of a senior officer (which does not mention all the family members of the deceased) is quite apart from what the family puts out, and both can appear in the same newspaper on the same day.

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The other method is resorted to when the person who died is just a lay person. In such a case, the person’s profile has to be ascertained from what is known by those left behind, then condensed to suit the cost factor of placing an obituary advertisement in a newspaper at the most suitable rates of the most suitable newspaper. Important details to be incorporated are such particulars as age, places and dates of birth and death (with, perhaps, its cause), a biographical sketch (including any special achievements — including what may be available from a web-search), funeral details, post-funeral services, survivors and mourners.
The write-up must complement a well-chosen photograph of the deceased.
Newspaper ad booking can be done keeping in mind that there are three formats for such ads: Classified Text (which is the cheapest being charged by the word), Classified Display (which is more expensive being charged by the square centimetre by permitting certain digital enhancements) and Display (also charged by the square centimetre but without limitations of space and colour, hence most expensive).

In the midst of the usual confusion that takes place when there is death in the family, the easiest way to place an obituary ad is to contact the reputed online advertising facility Myadvtcorner with its media experts who have an all-India reach. Thus, for instance, they can release the obituary ad of Tamil resident of Gurgaon in The Hindu and Daily Thanthi in Chennai to inform the deceased’s relatives there.

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