Prabhat Khabar is a Hindi news broadsheet that is published in Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal. It is popular in the states, mentioned as well as in some parts of Orissa as well. If you are seeking a matrimonial alliance in these states then Prabhat Khabar is the best paper for you to post such ads.

Prabhat Khabar Matrimonial Ads

Matrimonial newspaper advertisement is one of the conventional and successful methods of finding a life partner. People have been taking the help of printed journals for match-making since decades. One of the reasons for such popularity is that only interested and serious alliance seekers go for matrimonial newspaper ads, unlike the marriage portals where a few individuals create an account just for fun! Secondly, in many families, elderly people participate in marriage alliance, and they have a pivotal role to play. The senior members often browse through the printed ads to find the best match as they are less tech-savvy and are not efficient in operating the desktops or laptops.


Another critical reason is that newspaper ads have a wider reach. Also, a local paper or a regional news supplement targets the correct audience as they focus on a particular zone or area. People with common interests and similar approach towards life connect via this medium.


The paper is a regional broadsheet that is quite popular in the states mentioned above and thus, individuals who want a marriage alliance from these areas can connect with the natives. For example if you are from Orissa living in Pune, but seek a life-partner for your daughter from your native belt, you can publish an ad furnishing the details of your daughter. For Prabhat Khabar Matrimonial Ads Booking Online, you can connect with our channel.

We will help you decide the best package for your daughter’s matrimonial ad. Plus, our customer executive member will guide you about the format of such ads as well as the estimated reader response.

For more details about our services, please visit the website or call us on 09810904604.

You can also drop a mail at for further queries.

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