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As the term implies, recruitment advertising is advertising intended recruit all kinds of staff – from private companies to government organisations including personnel for the police, armed, forces and other public services. It can use classified, classified display and display forms of advertising depending on need.

recruitment ads

There are mainly two kinds of recruitment advertising: one is inserted by employers who could identify themselves or use box numbers for replies; another is the kind placed by those employment or recruitment agencies commissioned by companies to fill vacancies and save themselves the burden of attending to this mountainous correspondence, collation and selection.


Recruitment advertising mainly comprise the following categories:

National Newspapers:

There are separate sections these days in newspapers aimed at job aspirants. The Times of India publishes ASCENT on Wednesdays, Hindustan Times publishes SHINE on Thursdays and The Telegraph publishes JOBS on Tuesdays. ABP, the Kolkata-based media house’s flagship Bengali-newspaper Anandabazar Patrika also publishes KAJER BAZAAR on the same Tuesday and offers a special ‘combo’ offer to recruiters for placing recruitment ads in both The Telegraph and Anandabazar Patrika together. This strategy could cater to a wider audience in terms of heterogeneity as well as numbers. Therefore, it is important to get the rates of newspaper advertising.

Professional, technical and trade journals:

To attract staff with special qualifications, experience and skills, distinctive publications are used. For instance, THE BRAND REPORTER is ideal for advertising-agency vacancies, or CHIP or PC QUEST for those into computers.

 Regional Press:

On a smaller scale, especially for lower level staff like guards and gardeners, local dailies and weeklies are resorted to by local employers. Vernacular newspapers particularly carry many local accounting and sales jobs.

Free Publications:

There are several publications and newspapers that are distributed free by organisations which depend on the low-cost ads put in by local traders and the like. These also carry recruitment ads.

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