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Small businesses find it difficult to tap on new customer base by advertising methods. It is because they operate on a humble budget and have limited monetary resources allocated for marketing and advertising. Small firms and industries seldom spend huge amounts on advertising. Hence they find it an uphill task to add a new set of customers to their existing pool.

For such companies that are regional or local players and have low budget to spend on advertising and promotion can go for low cost advertising methods. It usually includes the conventional mode of advertising i.e. printed adverts in a news journal. Newspaper ad posts have always worked well for such small-scale players who get an opportunity to reach a wider audience or population with the help of national dailies, regional newspapers, community news journals, local news broadsheets, etc.

It is always better to choose a local news daily if you want to promote your offerings and business in a particular region. Say for instance you are a start-up in the Metropolis of Kolkata and want to gain new customers it is good to go for newspaper advertising in Kolkata. One of the popular newspapers in the city is Sanmarg that is read all across the city and is thus circulated in large numbers. The news broadsheet can provide you a good medium to send your message about your offerings to the common people. The newspaper ad rates for this news journal are on a higher side so it is better that you make your bookings via newspaper ad agency so that you get to reserve the ad slot within your budget. Such mediators negotiate the price with the newspaper company and hence the prices for an advert column are slashed down to a great extent. The customer can thus avail rebates and discounts on their bookings.

To save your time and energy you can go for Sanmarg Newspaper Ad Booking Online. It is one of the convenient methods to reserve your advert slot in this news daily.

For any inquiry while Any Category Ad booking for Sanmarg Newspaper for Kolkata, please kindly call us at 09810904604 or mail us at contactus@myadvtcorner.com

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