Situations vacant advertisements in newspapers: When you have a situation vacant in your organisation you can get it filled by putting a situations vacant ad in The Times of India. This broadsheet English daily has as many as 36 editions across the country. Therefore, no matter where you are, you can place your advertisement in the edition or editions nearest the location where your vacancy is in case yours is a company with operations in places different places in India.

Times of India Situation Vacant Advertisement

Times of India classified ads are two of the three ways to advertise in the newspaper. One form of classified ads is by Text Classifieds which are simple roll-on word ads. These are the cheapest of all formats of ads. The other form of ads that appears in the classified pages of the newspaper is the Display Classified which is more expensive because it permits various electronic enhancements and the inclusion of small visuals.


Times of India display ads can be of any size and appear in any page. Because these maximize visibility through size and colour and page, they are the most expensive form of advertising.

Newspaper advertisement booking service is a vital necessity because all the editions of even one newspaper have different rates depending on their circulation in their location. Therefore, for instance, if you are a Gurgaon-based organisation and want sales reps in Ahmedabad, Mumbai and Pune, you could place an ad in The Times of India editions in these three cities. However, if you place the same ad in the same size in all three editions, you benefit for a combined rate discount.

To get this benefit, you are can serve your organisation’s interests by contacting the online advertising facility of Myadvtcorner. The media professionals of this agency are up-to-date with the latest rates, terms and conditions of all local, regional and national newspapers in all languages in India. This facility is available free of charge at the fingertips of anyone with any form of computer.

So, go ahead and recruit the most suitable candidates through best media options through a most efficient facility.

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