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Get your name changed easily by following the three step process that also includes name change adverts in the newspapers. It is a mandatory step that a name change seeker cannot ignore. In fact they will not be able to take on a new name if they miss out on any of the mandatory three […]

How to change your name in India legally

  One can wish to change one’s name for any reason – like on an astrologer’s advice, to join films (like Yusuf Khan became Dilip Kumar), changing one’s religion, simply changing the spelling as a matter of preference (from, say, Ranveer to Runbir) or, more commonly, for a traditionally married girl to adopt her husband’s […]

Carry out Change of Name Ads online

Name change advertisements in newspapers are among the most popular categories of classified ads in newspapers. Almost every day, most newspapers carry name change advertisements. This is more so because they are a legal requirement and not so much because they are to promote something for gain. Therefore, even choosing a low-profile newspaper with the […]

How to Place Change of Name Ads in Newspapers

A person’s known name is officially changed under various circumstances – a lady getting married, change of religion, assuming a name (to become a film star or writer), discovery of an old document with a different spelling and the like. The only recognised procedure is to announce it through a newspaper advertisement – to be […]