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Punjab Kesari Classified Ads

If you are seeking to release a Newspaper Ad booking for Delhi in Punjab Kesari advertisement here are some simple steps. But first, a brief overview of the newspaper before you place a Punjab Kesari Delhi Advertisement. Launched on June 13, 1965, Punjab Kesari is a broadsheet Hindi daily newspaper headquartered in Jalandhar and published […]

Commemorate the departed soul via Remembrance Ads in Hindustan Times

Even after years of someone departing from this world, we still remember them. When memories keep rushing across our minds, we feel overwhelmed and as a consequence become teary eyed. Loss of a loved one is a great loss in life that cannot be replenished. However, we can always pray for the departed soul for […]

The Indian Express Name Change Classified Display Ads

Do you want to rechristen yourself? If yes is your answer then you will have to follow a three step process that every name change seeker has to follow. These three steps are producing an affidavit for name change, secondly, getting a newspaper advert published for the same and lastly getting a gazette notification published. […]