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The Quickest Way to make the Toughest of all Announcements, Death Notice

When you meet with the tragic event of life wherein any of your loved one departs from this world, you find it extremely inconvenient and emotionally challenging to inform the sad news to all. To make your task easier, we have come up with online ad booking services so that you can put your ad […]

Punya Nagari ads reach large Marathi audiences

  Punya Nagari is a popular broadsheet Marathi daily published from 15 centres in Maharashtra as follows: Ahmednagar (41,724 copies), Akola (7,776), Amravati (15,147), Aurangabad (30,538), ¬†Dhule (20,752), Jalgaon (4,127), Kolhapur (30,117), Latur (63,761), Mumbai (17,541), Nagpur (34,575), Nanded (35,188), Nashik (30,363), Pune (49,739), Satara (17,383) and Solapur (24,445). Its daily circulation of 5,24,075 (as […]

Publishing a newspaper obituary ad

An obituary is defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as: ”an announcement that someone has died, published in a newspaper in the form of a brief biography.” There could be two sources for this. If the person is famous in any field and is a well-known celebrity, there is already much that has been written […]

The Easiest way to book a Property Ad in Hindustan Times

  As the second most widely circulated and popular English daily of our country, Hindustan Times has a long-standing reputation for reporting objective news, knowledgeable editorials and topical articles. Across north India, Hindustan Times is most popular and gets plenty of matrimonial ads published on Sundays. What is little known is that the newspaper is […]