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How Newspaper Advertising Scores Over Online

Studies by the world-famous Nielsen information and measurement company have underlined the superior effectiveness of newspapers over their online competition. This supports the efforts of a newspaper advertising agency to make an impact for its clients in the market. Newspapers ads score high on surveys In Nielsen’s 2013 National Cross-Media Engagement Study, newspapers really stood […]

5 reasons why newspapers outscore other media for RECRUITMENT ADS

Recruiting staff through newspapers is the oldest form of hiring people through all the media options available. And it is still the most reliable for filling posts at different levels of an organisation. myadvtcorner.com gives you five reasons why the newspaper is ideal:   • Ideal for pin-pointing desired location: No other medium can beat […]


Refresh your mind by simply glancing through articles which we have become notable for. Only one thing makes these articles stand out: they entertain. They entertain with new, far-reaching and wide-ranging knowledge. These articles bring you fresh news from far corners of the world and throw fresh insights into usual everyday events. They are always […]