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Come and Advertise in the City of Hyderabad via Myadvtcorner

The city founded by Mohammed Quli Qutb Shah, known as the city of pearls, is presently the common capital of the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Yes! We are talking about the city of Hyderabad that proudly boasts of the Charminar and the other magnificent Mughal architecture and palaces. Book Newspaper Classified & Display […]

Business Ads in Newspapers build Business

Since the advent of the Internet, there has been some concern in the advertising industry about the standard of newspaper advertising taking an irreversible slump over the last few years. Aside from an economic slow-down and reduced consumer spending, the changing market dynamics might have affected the revenues of newspaper advertising. This is more likely […]

Book Bride Wanted Ads in Newspapers Instantly Online!

Almost all over India, the institution of marriage is considered sacred regardless of the rising general trend among youngsters to marry out of personal choice. Most families still follow the tradition of arranged marriages. Such marriage alliances are often fixed through relatives, friends and associates who approach parents of prospective brides or grooms with eligible matches. […]

Advertising Change of Name in Newspapers

  One of the most commonly published categories of ads published in all newspapers is the change of name category. It need not be costly because such an advertisement is more of a legal formality than a promotional effort.   What is important in name change advertisement booking? All change of name ads in newspapers must […]

How Newspaper Advertising Makes Tour and Travel Industry More Profitable

The tours and travel industry is one of the most dynamic and happening industries with new and changed information constantly popping up for public consumption. Of all the media options – including radio, TV, the Internet, outdoor etc. – only the newspaper advertisement for travel agency and tour operator maximises results in terms of awareness […]

How to Place Change of Name Ads in Newspapers

A person’s known name is officially changed under various circumstances – a lady getting married, change of religion, assuming a name (to become a film star or writer), discovery of an old document with a different spelling and the like. The only recognised procedure is to announce it through a newspaper advertisement – to be […]


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