Globally, newspapers carry tender notices by which organisations seek suppliers of goods and services, individually or as companies, to fulfil the advertisers’ corporate requirements in specific spheres. Since these needs are voluminous, there’s no limit to the variety or range of such tender notices.

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This is particularly true of government, semi-government and large corporations in which every transaction with outsiders must always be above any suspicion. Also, through such notifications, those who can offer goods and services of the necessary quality and quantity are made aware of opportunities for them to make business contracts that will be mutually beneficial for them and the tenderers.

By and large, tender notices can be divided into two kinds. One kind is the open tender for which any supplier who can assure satisfactory supply can apply. The second kind is the closed tender which is limited to certain suppliers.

These closed tenders require a two-step internal procedure:
First: Short-list the suppliers best suited to complete the work satisfactorily
Second: Select one supplier from those short-listed to complete the work

Some closed tenders are also published with clauses that are confidential especially when they are related to the armed forces or where special skills are called for.

In addition, such tenders are used in cases where the suppliers are not many and when the work must be executed quickly without the delays of sifting through longer lists of vendors.

Besides newspapers, tender notices have been also published on the net. However, the print media has been found to be more reliable and therefore, providing better value to the advertiser.

A major reason for this is that this medium has been in use from long before the electronic medium was even born. Almost all big organisations – whether they are government, semi-government, public limited, private limited, partnerships or proprietary by nature – have a strong preference for placing their tender notices in newspapers.

Another reason for preferring newspapers is that they have a phenomenal reach across the country – nationally, regionally, city-wise, as also small towns and homes in even neighbourhoods without electricity.

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