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Through the years and around the world, classified ads have made their mark for advertisers for many reasons. First of all, they are so simple, they do not need elaborate copywriting and visualising skills and technology to be created. Secondly, they cost the least regardless of whichever category they are needed for – Matrimony (Grooms Wanted or Brides Wanted), Property (real estate to buy, sell, rent or lease), Education, Situations Vacant, Astrology, Tours, Travels, Vehicles, Business, Finance, Obituary, Remembrance or any other. Thirdly, most classified ads can appear within two or three days of placement.

There are two kinds of classified advertisements:

Classified Text ads: These are charged by the word basis and are the cheapest of all formats of ads. They are just black and white text advertisements printed in a run-on format. At extra cost, some enhancements to improve visibility can be used – for instance, colour, tick, bold and screen. However, if five lines of spaced are exceeded, they cost more.

Classified Display ads: These are charged on a per square centimetre basis and cost more than Classified Text ads. They can be in black and white or colour formats having the facility for enhancing the design with images. Their text can also be composed directly online by using easy templates – besides being uploaded in the in PDF/JPEG/EPS formats.

Classified ads score the big-ticket, most Display ads that permit advertisers who have sufficient budget, to use any size or colours in newspapers in addition to any page or position in the newspaper – left hand or right hand, top of page, middle or bottom.

This is where they best serve Public Notice ads in newspapers. If there is any ad in the Lost and Found category or in the Change of Name category – even short Obituary and Remembrance ads –classified ads are the obvious choice because of their ease and cost factors. There is also the reach. According to a study, as many as 140 million people are reached by the 25 most widely-read newspapers every day.

For better understanding of this facility, one can contact the online advertising facility Myadvtcorner which has a media section which is up to date with the latest workings and rates of any newspaper.

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